May 2010 (Dutch)
NemaDecide Plus?

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NemaDecide is a software-based nematode advisory system that is indispensable for all potato growers, whether they grow seed potatoes, starch potatoes or ware potatoes.

The program supports growers in controlling potato cyst nematodes, root-knot nematodes, and root-lesion nematodes. NemaDecide converts sampling results into informative field infestation levels. The effect of decisions regarding crop rotation and control measures on nematode development and yield loss are presented in a user-friendly manner.  Download flyer of the programme.


Broad interest in nematode advisory programme NemaDecide Plus

The presentation of the strongly improved nematode advisory programme NemaDecide Plus on 28 May 2010 was attended by a large number of stakeholders from all agricultural sectors. NemaDecide is aimed at the prevention of nematode damage in potato cultivation. The new NemaDecide Plus programme has been expanded with a number of important nematode species. Lees meer »